Homes Are Channeling Biophilic Vibes

Thursday Mar 23rd, 2023


By: Melissa Dittmann Tracey

Biophilic design is all about infusing nature into a home’s style. A part of the wellness movement, the biophilic design aims to satisfy our innate desire for a greater connection to nature. Homeowners and interior designers are increasingly finding ways to incorporate natural vibes by adding plants and greenery, natural light, and water features.

The trend involves much more than sticking a houseplant in the corner of a room.

“These interior spaces account for circadian rhythms and visual stimuli using natural lighting and dimmable fixtures to mimic the natural environment,” according to Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting Gallery’s 2023 Trends & Influences IX(link is external) report. “Subtle changes in air and surface temperature, humidity and airflow using fans, air purifiers and clean designs permit the home to respond accurately to atmospheric and seasonal variations.”

Water—perhaps in the form of a soaking tub, which promotes relaxation and rejuvenation—also is a vital part of biophilic design.

Rohl Bathroom

Photo courtesy: House of Rohl and Victoria + Albert at Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting Gallery / Campo Fixtures and Barcelona Tub and Sinks

Ferguson says adding the obvious signatures of biophilic design—more windows, plants, and other greenery—will deepen the visual connection to nature.

Rohl Bathroom Vanity

Photo courtesy: House of Rohl at Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting Gallery / Riobel Zendo

Delta Faucet

Photo courtesy: Delta at Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting Gallery / Emmeline Kitchen Faucet

Kohler Sink

Photo courtesy: Kohler at Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting Gallery / Kohler_Dutchmaster Artist Edition Sink

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